'Glee' Original Songs Are Too PG for Me (VIDEO)

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On last week's Glee, we watched our favorite high-schoolers get sloshed. Whereas Glee may have been a bit less risque last season, we're oh so lucky to see our favorite teens dealing with the glorious subjects of sex, drugs, and rock n' roll alcohol this time around. I personally, couldn't love it more.

So when I heard that two original songs leaked for the first time yesterday -- I was totally looking forward to a little bit of raunchy lyrics twisted with some solid harmonies. Man oh man, was I let down. While the first track, "Get It Right" is actually pretty solid showcase of Lea Michele's crazy vocal range, the other Glee anthem "Loser Like Me" remind me more of Kids Bop than anything else. Ready to hear a little Avril Lavigne meets High School Musical?


Yup. It's bad, right? For a show that's been making a pretty valiant effort to move away from the innocent side of things, "Loser Like Me" is a legitimate step backward for Glee's hard image. Why have such a strong stance of showing viewers the realities that many of high school teenagers are dealing with -- if you're only going to produce original tracks that remind us of the PG world Disney has created in High School Musical? What audience are they trying to reach here? I'm pretty positive most parents changed the channel the first time their pre-teen watched Santana (Naya Rivera) get felt up. And if so, then let me speak on behalf of the older audience when I say that Kids Bop isn't really our style.

Exhibit A: Let's look at some lyrics:

Push me up against the locker, and hey all I do is shake it off

I'll getchya back when I'm your boss.

I'm not thinkin' bout you haters, 'cause hey! I could be a superstar,

I'll see ya when you wash my car!

Anyone have an extra barf bag? I mean, seriously. The song's lyrics in a nutshell: I'm going to be big and rich and famous one day and you're going to regret that you were a big nasty bully. DONE! At least it's better than Rachel's first attempt at a personal anthem about her headband on last week's episode.

Plain and simple: The cast of Glee should stick to what they're good at -- producing awesome covers. Who doesn't love watching handsome young men attempting to rap today's latest tracks or a good female power ballad turned into a duet rather than a solo? The fun of Glee is being able to sing along, isn't it? If you ask me -- there's just no real point here. 

What do you think about Glee's new songs?


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