Kellie Pickler Sells Wedding Video for $1.99: Tackiest Thing Ever?

When Kellie Pickler married songwriter Kyle Jacobs on New Year’s Day, she described their Antigua elopement as intimate and spiritual. “We didn’t have anything but us and God and our minister,” she told People, “and I can’t think of a word that can quite describe how perfect it was.”

Oooh, I can: profitable. I mean, being as how she's now selling the video of their perfect day on iTunes.

This morning, she tweeted the news that fans could pay to enjoy their wedding day:


On 1.1.11 I married my best friend. We'd love to share our special day with you. Watch "Say I Do"- Kyle Jacobs on itunes.

For the low low price of $1.99, you too can pretend you were invited to her wedding. "Say I Do" is her husband Kyle Jacobs' song, which he presumably wrote for their special intimate perfect day, which is, as a reminder, available for purchase on iTunes.

I have to say, I experienced some involuntary eye-rolling when Katy Perry rolled previously unreleased footage of her wedding during her Grammy performance, but I think actually selling a wedding video to fans achieves a whole new level of tackiness.

What's next, the camera-captured conception of their first child? (A premium iTunes rental for $4.99?)

Image via Flickr/isafmedia

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