Melissa Molinaro & Kim Kardashian: Separated at Birth?

Finally, an Old Navy commercial that doesn't feature those creepy goddamned mannequins. The new campaign for everyone's favorite cheap-as-dirt fashion house features an annoyingly catchy track by The Audio Threadz called "Super C-U-T-E." The commercial was directed by Joseph Kahn, who has created music videos for Eminem and Rihanna, but that's not really the most noteworthy thing about the ad.

The thing that's making viewers do a double take is Melissa Molinaro. With her long dark hair, sweeping cheekbones, and 50-foot eyelashes, the model is a dead ringer for Kim Kardashian.

Molinaro's a Toronto-born pop singer, actor, choreographer, and model, and before now she was probably best known for competing on a reality show called Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll. Hopefully she's happy with her new title, "Chick That Looks Just Like a Kardashian."

Check her out in the Old Navy ad:


Why do you think Old Navy is using a Kardashian lookalike for their ad, anyway? Is it so we subconsciously associate luxury and wealth with inexpensive jeans and synthetic sweaters?

Image via YouTube

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