Lindsay Lohan Going to Jail. Period.

Lindsay Lohan court
Lindsay Lohan at L.A. Superior Court
Well, despite her attempt today to wear slightly more conservative courtroom attire than the tight white dress she wore a few weeks ago, it looks like Lindsay Lohan will be going to jail on the felony grand theft charge.

No, she's not going to jail today and we don't know how long a sentence she will receive, but the judge today says there's no way around jail time for the troubled actress.


At her hearing today at the Los Angeles Superior Court, according to L.A. Now, Judge Keith Schwartz told Lindsay Lohan:

This case does involve jail time -- period. If you plead in front of me -- if this case resolves in front of me -- you are going to jail. Period. It may be an issue as to amount of time.

Lohan has until May 10 to decide whether to contest the grand theft charge in court or agree to a plea deal -- meaning plead guilty or no contest to felony grand theft -- the terms of which were not disclosed. TMZ sources say the offer the D.A. made in chambers is six months in jail. If she doesn't take the deal and stands trial on the charge and is found guilty, Lohan could face up to one year in state prison. In other words, unless Lohan and her lawyer can somehow prove her innocence in the alleged theft, she will be looking at six months to a year in jail.

Judge Schwartz also suggested Lohan get some therapy and a sponsor in a 12-step program in hopes that they might help her to become "a productive citizen and reach the potential" she might have. This judge is dishing up some tough love for Lohan, the kind of tough love she's been needing for a long, long time.

Do you agree with the judge's decision to send Lindsay Lohan to jail no matter what?

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