Jennifer Aniston New Haircut Obsession Is Out of Control

jennifer aniston adam sandlerJennifer Aniston recently premiered a new haircut with her new flick Just Go With It. Of course, the media and starstruck fans have a LOT of "OMG!" questions: Will masses of American women run right out to their hair salons and demand the same shoulder-length bob that the former Friend is now rocking? Will the cut be more popular than the mid-'90s "Rachel" 'do? Did Jen's 42nd b-day have anything to do with this change of heart hair? Does it make her look old -- what was she thinking? Maybe she's just trying to one-up Brooklyn Decker OR ANGIE, who has had the same old boring long brown hairstyle since 2005? (Cause we can't ever talk about Jen without throwing in the Angie connection.)


If you ask me, it's a lot of hullabaloo about nothing! The woman got a haircut. So what? Sure, she basically made her mark on an entire generation with a haircut she didn't even like herself. But this time, it's not even all that drastic or unique. Why are we tweaking out about this? Aren't there more important things to worry about? Really, I mean ... really, people. Let's simmah down now.  

In the last week, I've seen mega-coverage of not one but TWO celeb haircuts. Obviously, Justin Bieber got a lot of attention for getting rid of his signature 21st-century mop-top. That actually makes a little more sense, because he was kind of known/teased for that 'do. But when I think of Jen, I don't automatically think, "Long golden tresses." I think, "Actress, gorgeous, tan, somewhat overexposed."

And here we go again with that overexposed part. Maybe that's her PR strategy. Stay in the public eye by doing semi-nude photo shoots for Esquire and tell-all interviews for women's mags and People. That way, her "brand" stays afloat, and she'll be in demand for roles. Roles equal dinero. Even though, of course, MANY of those roles as of late have been tankers. Does anyone notice that? No, because we all seem to feel like we know her -- like she's our closest Friend. (But did anyone see Bounty Hunter? Anyone, anyone? Bueller?)

So, it doesn't surprise me that this false feeling of closeness to Jen makes some of us feel it's our right to skip any boring old headlines about unrest in the Middle East and head straight to the story and photos of her new haircut, so that we can then yak our faces off about WHAT IT MEANS. It's just like if our sister or best friend got a haircut, right? Wrong! Reality check. Jen is not our friend or our sister. She's a stranger who happens to act in movies. If you take a step back and think about it in those terms, it seems kinda wacky that we're so preoccupied with her hair, no?

Look, if she had gotten a really noticeable nose job a la Jennifer Grey, I'd get it. (Oh, wait, ha ha -- she did, but that was before she was famous, so it doesn't matter.) But this? Looks to me like one step up from a basic trim. End of story. We all need to just take a deep breath, take a peek at her 'do, then quickly do our best to dial that celeb obsession down a notch or two. We have far bigger fish to fry.


Image via Jasper Juinen/Getty

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