Justin Bieber: New Haircut? OMG, the Mop Is Gone! (PHOTO)

Holy crap, Justin Bieber actually got rid of that overgrown mop on his head. I thought he'd be sporting the bowl-cut look until the end of time, but apparently he finally looked in the mirror and realized that his signature 'do made him look like a Tribble.

(Not that he'd have any idea what a Tribble is. Unless Justin Bieber's secret Jeopardy category is "antiquated Star Trek references." Which I doubt.)

The Biebs told TMZ his hair was trimmed while on the set of a music video for a song he recorded with Rascal Flatts. His regular stylist Rachel did the cut, probably while in a cold sweat—I mean, think about it, one wrong snip and thousands of obsessed fans would be calling for her public stoning.

Rascal Flatts band member Jay DeMarcus posted this photo of Bieber's new hair on Twitter earlier today:



I think it's a big improvement, personally. The bowl is gone, the remainder is choppy and ... well, is it wrong to say sexier?

(Actually, I'm sure that's wrong, and possibly even illegal, being as how I'm the same age as his parents.)

How about: more mature. Yes. Ahem.

What's your call on Bieber's new hair? Love it, hate it, don't give a hoot?

Image via Splash News

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