Kanye West 'All of the Lights' Video Rips off French Film

The retina-searing, possibly seizure-inducing video for Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy single "All of the Lights" dropped this weekend. Directed by Hype Williams, "All Of The Lights" includes Kanye singing from the top of a police car, and plenty of loving images of Rihanna (featuring her signature move: the Seductive Head-to-the-Side With One-Arm-Raised).

While the track itself includes vocals by Fergie, Charlie Wilson, John Legend, Tony Williams, Alicia Keys, La Roux, The Dream, and more, only Rihanna and Kid Cudi guest star on the video version. Or more specifically, Rihanna's breasts—barely restrained behind a top seemingly formed of electrician's tape.

The interesting thing about the video, at least the flashy neon-lit text intro, is that it's already been done. Enter the Void is a 2009 psychological thriller by French director Gaspar Noe, and if you watch the opening credits, you'll notice a few similarities to Kanye's video.


Here's "All of the Lights":

And the intro to Enter the Void:


Either it's a deliberate homage to the film, or . . . well, maybe nobody thought Kanye's fans would know anything about relatively obscure French melodramas. Hard to say.

I'm a huge fan of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but the only part of this video I thought was particularly compelling was the intro. Maybe I should just go ahead and watch the movie he ganked it from?

What do you think of the "All of the Lights" video?

Image via YouTube

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