The 5 Browns Beautiful Music Hides Ugly Incest Secret

The 5 BrownsToday in Provo, Utah, Keith Brown, father of the five children who make up the classical piano group The Five Browns, pleaded guilty to sexually abusing his three daughters. Charges included a first-degree felony count of sodomy on a child and two second-degree felony counts of sexual abuse of a child.

It's a tragic example of the fact that no one ever knows what goes on behind closed doors. This family appeared to be living a clean, American dream as Mormon, Julliard-trained musicians who found worldwide fame appearing everywhere from Japan to Oprah's stage. But behind the beautiful music was an ugly secret -- one that had been hidden for far too long.

The daughters Desirae, 32, Deondra, 30, and Melody, 26, came forward earlier this month and said the abuse happened in 1990s. While Keith Brown used to serve as manager of the group, which also includes his two sons, they cut ties with him in 2008. It's easy to see why now.


Just days after news of the abuse charges broke, he drove his Porsche off a 500-foot canyon Monday with his wife in the car. She is still in the hospital. Was it a suicide attempt? That was my first thought. Or was it just a coincidental accident? It's not known at this point. But what I do know is that I'm glad he didn't die -- he shouldn't get off that easy for what he did.

Sentencing is set for March 10, and he faces 10 years to life in prison. I hope that his sentence keeps him locked up every day for the rest of his life to remind him how his actions have and will affect his daughters' lives every day of theirs.

Despite all the personal tragedy, the women aren't letting their father destroy their lives any further. Their representative released a statement saying they would continue performances as scheduled with their next show set for February 28 in Logan, Utah:

We can affirm that The 5 Browns plan to fulfill all of their scheduled touring commitments. One of the greatest sources of joy and satisfaction in each of their lives is the opportunity to share their favorite music together -- and with fellow music lovers throughout the world.

Good for them for showing their father and the world their strength and resilience in the wake of such devastating deception.

Are you surprised to learn of the abuse allegations against Keith Brown?

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