Anna Nicole Smith Opera: Come for the Singing, Stay for the Oral Sex

Just when you thought you'd seen it all, here comes Anna Nicole, an opera created by critically acclaimed composer Mark-Anthony Turnage, based on the life of Anna Nicole Smith.

The lyrics are by Richard Thomas, who also wrote 2003's Jerry Springer: The Opera.

(I swear to god I'm not making this up.)

Premiering Thursday at London's Royal Opera House, Anna Nicole is billed as "a celebrity story of our times that includes extreme language, drug abuse, and sexual content"—and they aren't kidding on that last bit. Apparently one scene includes Dutch soprano Eva-Maria Westbroek as Anna performing oral sex on her wheelchair-bound, octogenarian fiancé.


The story follows Anna's dubious rise from from topless dancer to Playboy model, reality show star, and heiress, including her marriage to oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall. The cast includes a number of lap dancers, as well as a portrayal of her former partner Howard K. Stern ... and more upsettingly, at least to me, her deceased son Daniel.

Here's the trailer for the opera (the accompanying music, perhaps thankfully, is not from the opera itself):

I suppose I can understand the life-as-theater-to-actual-theater explanation for this, but can you imagine her daughter Dannielynn seeing it someday? Yeesh. Pass, Anna Nicole.

What do you think of this opera? Would you see it?

Image via Flickr/doggiesrule04

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