5 Best Len Lesser (Uncle Leo) 'Seinfeld' Moments

Len LesserThe hereafter just became a more entertaining place. Len Lesser, the comedic genius who played Uncle Leo on Seinfeld, passed away yesterday at 88. He is said to have died from cancer-related pneumonia.

Though he had a long career and played many roles on shows such as Get Smart, That Girl, The Munsters, The Monkees, thirtysomething, ER, and Everybody Loves Raymond, it's his shouts of "Jerry! Hello!" for which he'll always be remembered fondly.

In a statement his daughter, Michelle Lesser said:

Heaven got a great comedian and actor today ... Thank you to all the people who helped make my father's last journey special, and surrounded with love. The doctors, nurses, and staff have been outstanding, and Dad was in phenomenal hands. His passing was peaceful, with great dignity, and surrounded by those who loved him dearly.

In honor of his passing, here are five of our favorite Uncle Leo moments from Seinfeld:


Eyebrow Disaster

After his eyebrows got burned off, Elaine tried to draw them back on to great hilarity. Things didn't go so well when he sought medical help either.


He had "Jerry" tattooed on one hand and "Hello" tattooed on the other. Talk about family love.

Bad Timing

Don't we all have a relative like Uncle Leo -- one that pops up at the most inopportune times and has no idea how much we want to escape? Here's a scene where he stops Jerry and George when they're late for a meeting.

Conspiracy Theory

Of course his burger was overcooked because the chef was an anti-Semite.

Last Name Forever Unknown

Though the show teased with it, his last name was never revealed. He'll forever be known just as Uncle Leo.

R.I.P., Len.

What are your favorite Uncle Leo moments?

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