8-Year-Old Matty B. Raps Lady Gaga (VIDEO)

matty b.Your son tells you he wants to make a video remix to the new Lady Gaga song, "Born This Way." You:

A. Immediately hide all of the meat in the refrigerator, B. thank God that it's not something by Justin Bieber, or C. film and edit the video of him impersonating the Mother Monster and post it on YouTube.

Personally, I don't think I could thank the parents of Matty B., an 8-year-old from Georgia, more for choosing option C. Matty, who has been rapping since he turned 7 just over a year ago, has more than 41 million views on his YouTube channel. Gaga's egg-cellent new song is the latest installment in his repertoire, which includes Mike Posner, B.o.B., Taio Cruz, and Ke$ha. He opens his rap oh-so-eloquently:

It doesn't matter if you're loved by millions, or just your stuffed animals.

SO CUTE. Must watch in its entirety NOW.


Matty B. makes some key decisions in his remake, like swapping out the egg and nude dancing ensembles for a Batman and cowboy costume. Not to mention, he skipped over the subdermal implants -- thank goodness. And I mean, he's clearly a lyrical genius:

They say my song is an iTunes breakthrough,

Most people love it but some people gonna hate too.

I'm having fun and all my fans are fun too,

Freedom of expression, all my opinions and my views!

An 8-year-old talking about freedom of expression? I melt! And clearly, I'm not the only one who thinks he's rad. Matty's videos were found by Perez Hilton last October, and the aspiring star traveled out to Hollywood to hang out with him on the red carpet of the KIIS FM Jingle Ball. If that wasn't cool enough, he then headed over to rap his rendition of "Firework" to Katy Perry in her dressing room. Not too shabby for a pint-sized YouTube celebrity, eh?

Looking at Matt and how genuinely happy he seems, I think that this hobby is good for him. Why not let your kid have a little fun right? If this is what he enjoys, then I encourage his parents to help him pursue his dreams, even if it's just continually updating his YouTube channel. Just make sure to remember that this is for FUN, and don't take any parenting lessons from Billy Ray Cyrus along the way. Oh, that -- and stay away from the meat dress.

What do you think of 8-year-old Matty B.?

Image via YouTube

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