Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry Put Nahla First ... Finally!

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry came close to being the next Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, a couple whose acrimonious split and custody battle served as tabloid fodder for years. Lucky for them, they may have narrowly missed it. The former couple has called a truce in the battle for their toddler daughter Nahla and not a moment too soon.

Since breaking up in early 2010, Aubry and Berry have duked it out in public, both alleging abuse and racism among other charges. There are allegations that he gets furious every time their daughter is referred to as "black" and then Berry firing back with the one-drop theory. In short, it's ugly and in the center of it all is one little girl who would probably love to have both parents.


In the range of celebrity divorces and breakups, we have Demi Moore and Bruce Willis (who still vacation with one another and their new spouses) on one end, and Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger (leaked voicemail messages of hatred, memoirs alleging abuse, and constant acrimony) on the other. Any guesses as to which side Berry and Aubry were headed toward?

If this truce, which is being reported by Perez Hilton, is real, then let's hope they really abide by it. According to Perez:

An insider close to Halle explains that she started realizing that things were getting out of control, so she reined herself in before things got even more nasty in public. We're hearing that as of now, Halle is not going to seek sole custody of Nahla, but whether that's because she wants to or is being forced to is another story. Apparently, this call of peace hasn't put an end to the battle. There are supposedly still several legal threats being thrown around behind the scenes, particularly from Gabe's reps.

I have never had a breakup that involved children, let alone one so public and painful as this one, so it's hard to put myself in their shoes. But in my imaginary divorce, I would like to believe that I would keep the bigger picture in mind. That is to say that the focus should and always would be the health and happiness of my children. Children want peaceful parents. If they can't be together and peaceful, then at least be apart and peaceful.

Of course divorces get bitter, but as someone who has heard enough tapes of Alec Baldwin calling daughter Ireland "a pig" after claiming "parental alienation" for one lifetime, I am glad to see one couple with their heads on straight about this.

Parents do not always work out and bitter divorce may be all the rage in Hollywood, but it's nice to see at least one couple try to shirk the trend and actually behave like adults and decent parents.

Do you think the truce will hold?

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