Camille Grammer 'Playboy' Pics Portray 'Morally Corrupt' Hypocrite

Camille Grammer PlayboyJust when there were inklings of sympathy starting to surface for Camille Grammer after her divorce from Kelsey was finalized last week and she seemed to be moving on, Bravo had to go and air a special on The Dinner Party From Hell and remind us all over again what a hypocritical narcissist she is. Remember that insane disaster of a dinner party she hosted? The one in which she declared Kyle's friend "the morally corrupt Faye Resnick" because she had posed in Playboy? Yeah that one.

Well, after reliving that on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills special last night, Grammer's own racy pictures are circulating like mad, showing us just how well it turns out Camille knew what she was talking about. 

Take a look at the whole gallery (they are censored, but still not really safe for work or little eyes) and see what you think. Morally corrupt or not?


Faye Resnick PlayboyIt was apparently quite her hobby back then, when she went by the name Camille Donatacci. Some reports say she posed for Playboy more than 15 times and appeared in some soft porn flicks. She's no innocent, that's for sure. But whatever -- to each her own and all that -- it's her condemning someone else for doing the same thing that makes her particularly loathsome.

Surprisingly, fellow Housewife Lisa Vanderpump does feel bad for Camille. She told PopEater:

Toward the end of the season, I think you also saw what she went through. I think for a woman to be publicly humiliated like that, when you've got cameras in your house and filming your life, it was extremely difficult for her.

Then maybe she shouldn't invite the cameras into her life every step of the way then, huh?

As much as I want Grammer to just go away, I have to say there's a small part of me that is rooting for her to come back, and for Bravo to bring Faye Resnick on the show as well. Can you imagine the drama? Add Heidi Montag to the mix, and we have got a SHOW!

In any case, if you haven't had your fill of Camille, you can check her out tomorrow night on $#*! My Dad Says where she's making a guest appearance.

What do you think of Camille Grammer's Playboy pictures? Do you want to see her back on the show? What about Faye Resnick?


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