Elycia Turnbow & Frankie Muniz Brawl: What Really Happened?

Frankie Muniz & Elycia TurnbowFrankie Muniz and his gorgeous girlfriend Elycia Turnbow recently got into a heated domestic dispute involving a gun, police, and a bunch of scary he-said/she-said allegations. Turnbow says it began when Muniz held the gun to his head "possibly with the intent of committing suicide" and she called a friend who took him to a hospital. Muniz denies any suicide attempt and says he went to the hospital after falling down and hitting his head while Turnbow was yelling at him.

Whatever prompted the hospital visit, it all turned even uglier when Muniz returned home later that night.


The fight, which supposedly was spurred by "prior relationships," happened February 11 in Phoenix. Turnbow says Muniz "punched her in the back of the head, and threw her into a wall while in the downstairs bedroom." Muniz said that she was "throwing things and hitting [him]" and that he called police because he felt like things were getting out of hand.


Police say she "showed signs and symptoms of drinking alcohol." But while there was a gun found and confiscated, neither Muniz nor Turnbow showed any physical signs of the altercation nor was their any damage to the house. Both were just issued warnings.

Hmmm, not quite as Chris Brown/Rhianna as it originally sounded, huh? If a fight like that really went down, don't you think there would be some physical evidence of it?

Domestic violence is nothing to mess around with, but I can't help but wondering if Muniz isn't looking to make a bit of an acting comeback and Turnbow -- his girlfriend who just so happens to be a publicist -- might not be helping him on the publicity front. What better way to get the actor's name -- which we haven't heard much of since his days on Malcolm in the Middle and Agent Cody Banks -- back in the public eye, and with a new bad-boy image to boot, intentional or not.

The two apparently haven't harbored any hard feelings for each other from the event. When police asked Muniz if he hurt Turnbow, he said, "No. I love her too much. She is the woman I want to marry." On Valentine's Day, just two days after the fight, Muniz tweeted: "The table all set for Valentine's Day dinner...I love @elyciamarie," along with a picture of a table covered in roses. And Muniz's rep has confirmed that they are "still together and are moving forward with their lives and with their relationships."

If the altercation really was as intense as the reports make it seem, then I hope they don't just move forward with their lives. We know all too well that domestic violence doesn't just go away once it rears its head; it's typically bound to happen again. So while it would be a pretty pathetic move to stage or play up such a fight for publicity, in this case, it might be the best possible scenario.

What do you think of the fight between Frankie Muniz and Elycia Turnbow?

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