Going to Bonnaroo? Get Out Your Wallet

bonnarooIf you're not my mom or my dad, I'm sure you've heard of the musical festival Bonnaroo, which takes place every early summer in Manchester, Tennessee. Today the Bonnaroo lineup was announced, and wee doggie it's a good one. Headlined by Eminem, Arcade Fire, Widespread Panic (boo), and The Black Keys, it's going to be four days of fun in the sun, mud, and beer puddles.

But for, you know, a somewhat counter-culture adventure, you're going to need some serious corporate cashola to suit up for the event, pay for the tickets, and get your music-loving butt down to the backwoods of Tennessee for Bonnaroo 2011.

Just how much? Let's take a look.


We'll start with the tickets because, uh, they are a must. The Bonnaroo website has set up payment plans to which you can subscribe, which is both genius and a little scary in a late-night-infomercial type way, because they charge you extra for this service. Anyway, the simple way to look at it is like this: $280 for a regular ticket, $1,450 for you Veeps out there who need V.I.P. access.

Let's get a tab going (and I'm no scientist, these are just my estimations):

  • $280 per Bonnaroo ticket
  • $300 for airfare from your city to Nashville, Tennessee
  • $225 for car rental (Manchester is about an hour from Nashville)
  • $35 for gas
  • $220 for a two-person high quality tent that won't blow away and will keep you dry
  • $20 for a campsite folding chair
  • $20 for a sleeping mat
  • $40 for a portable Weber grill
  • $50 for pre-purchased food to keep in your car (this is a toughie to estimate)
  • $50 for food bought at the show
  • $15 for a giant water bottle
  • $200 for beer (just me?)
  • $75 for Birkenstocks (want to blend with the locals)
  • $25 for glow sticks, toiletries, sunscreen

OK, I'm sure I've left stuff out, but the total for the above is ... $1,555. OUCH. But yes, I know, you can split the cost of the tent, and some of the food and drink, and the car rental with your buddies so ... bloop bloop bloop ... that's still about $1,100.

Good news is that you probably know someone who could lend you camping gear and maybe a giant cooler, too.

Bottom line, Bonnaroo is not cheap. Up to you if it's worth it.

For the entire Bonnaroo lineup, click here.

Are you going to Bonnaroo?

Photo via wyep/Flickr

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