Heather Russell: A Female Justin Bieber ... but Better

Heather Russell Move over Willow Smith, there's another 10-year-old singing sensation in town, and she doesn't need to whip her hair to get attention. Heather Russell from Atlanta is an amazing singer that blows away pretty much everyone that hears her and blows the tween singing sensations that have gone before out of the water.

A song she wrote herself, "She Needs Love," is circulating on the web and creating a buzz that bellies that of Justin Bieber way back when before he became "The Biebs." She signed with Rob Fusari last year, and people are saying she could be the next Bieber or Mariah Carey. No offense to either of them (well, maybe a little to J.B.), but I'd rather listen to her than either of them.

She is amazingly talented, and the emotion in her voice is piercing. "Soulful" is the word I keep hearing used to describe her, and I can't think of a better one. Listen to her here and see if you agree:


It's amazing to hear that voice come out of that body. The fact that she writes her own songs is even more incredible. 

Here's another of her original songs, "Every Step of the Way," that she sings with her dad accompanying her on the guitar:

Here's another that I love, which she also wrote, called "Can't Please Everyone." Amazing!

Part of me wants this little girl to take her precious voice and run from all glitz and glamour and tabloids that are sure to follow her if she achieves such success. But the other part wants to see her and her talent soar and show everyone how true talent can blow away even the best haircut.

What do you think of Heather Russell? Will she be bigger than Justin Bieber?

Image via YouTube

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