Christina Aguilera Falls at Grammys, Can't Catch a Break (VIDEO)

Poor Christina Aguilera. She gets divorced, biffs the National Anthem, everyone starts asking if she's pregnant or just hitting the Ben & Jerry's too hard, and now there's video of her falling onstage at the Grammys last night.

After performing a decent Aretha Franklin tribute where she sang alongside Yolanda Adams, Martina McBride, Jennifer Hudson, and Florence Welch, Aguilera tripped over—well, something. Her dress, maybe?—and flailed for a brief moment before Florence helped her back up.

As public stumbles go, this one's not too bad. I mean, it's not like she went flying down a set of stairs or comically dragged someone's dress down as she fell, revealing a pair of naked boobs to the audience. (That would have been rad.) Of course, it's the one 5-second video of the Grammys everyone's replaying today, because it's just another reason to wonder what the hell is going on with Xtina.

Here's the video of her near-disaster at the Grammys:


The most predominate rumor plaguing her is that she's turned into a drunk (thanks in no small part to the embarrassing account of her passing out in Jeremy Renner's bed), but I personally doubt her voice would hold up if she was drinking constantly. My guess is that she's just got too much attention focused on her lately—if I were her, I'd be thinking about a nice spring retreat to Montana or something.

Do you think there's something going on with Christina Aguilera, or is she just having some recent bad luck?

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