Lady Gaga Egg Stunt Is Even Crazier Than the Meat One! (PHOTOS)

lady gaga eggIf Lady Gaga's red carpet Grammy Awards entrance is any indication of the wackadoo but oh so incredible antics she is going to do on stage, then sit tight people, because I'm not sure what Gaga could do to top being carted in on wood planks while encased in a transparent egg. But I do know it's going to be wild.

Nicola Formichetti, the singer's fashion director (can we thank Nicola for the beautiful crazy going on here?!), tweeted that she is in "incubation."

This is Nicola, Haus of Gaga: Gaga is in incubation. Tonight's performance is in collaboration with Hussein Chalayan and House of Mugler. X

And yes, you can see her inside! It's crazy. And no that's not Heidi Klum. And yes the bulge on the man in back is huge. Anyway, click through to see more Gaga from the 2011 Grammy Awards!


Hello Monsters!

lady gaga grammy egg

Wow. WOW! Lady Gaga is supposed to be performing "Born This Way" tonight. Incubation. Born. Get it? I'm willing to bet that Freddie Mercury is smiling in his grave right now over this. And check out the single's cover art.

born the way lady gaga

She's so weird. Good weird! Outrageous weird! Weird the way a performer should be. It appears Gaga has what they call a transdermal or subdermal implant. Oh that shoulder one -- so spikey! Doubt it's real. Unlike the meat dress she wore to the VMAs last year -- totally real meat by the way. If this egg is real, it would have to be some extinct dinosaur egg. And I don't think even her money could buy one. So fake egg. Real Gaga.

Of course, this egg entrance is just a big tease before we see tonight's performance -- where I think she will birth herself onto the stage and we'll see a Gaga we've never seen before. That's what I want when I watch an artist -- I want some shock; I don't want some humdrum snore. I'm also wondering what Katy Perry can do to top this! Go Gaga!

Will you be watching? What do you think of Lady Gaga's egg entrance at the Grammys?


Image via YouTube (first two), Twitpic

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