Why Did Justin Bieber Cut His Hair?! (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber baldThe Grammys aren't going to be the same tonight when Justin Bieber shows up with a shaved head. Bruce Willis can rock a smooth dome. Justin Timberlake still looks hot with a buzz cut. But the Biebs? No! No! No!

That trademark side swoop goes oh so perfectly with his high top sneakers and cool guy sunglasses. A bald Justin Bieber is like Gene Simmons without his tongue. Or Mick Jagger without those lips. 

How could Bieber do such a thing? Why did he cut all his hair? We can blame Jimmy Kimmel. While on the late night show, Jimmy got out the razor and made Justin's head smoother than (or as smooth) as Justin's chest. Kimmel even told Biebs that people won't focus so much on his hair anymore and he responded, They'll just focus on my beautiful silky smooth vocals. Check it out for yourself!


Never Say Never! (Just like the movie, right?) Well, I can say it right now because it never happened. Yes, we can breathe easy. He didn't really do it. Phew. It was all just a stunt to terrify teen girls into thinking that Bieber's locks were gone. Oh you are mean Kimmel, mean! Thank goodness no one watches your show! Oh I mean, that teens don't watch your show.

And I have to admit, even me, a teen times three, got upset at the thought of Justin without that hair. He's just too cute, that Biebs. What a little jokester. So cute that I can't be mad that he nearly crushed everyone so close to Valentine's Day into thinking he shaved his head. And I can't wait to see him tonight on the Grammys ... with hair, and Usher, and Jaden Smith.

Be honest, do you think Justin looks good bald?


Image via YouTube

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