5 Worst Fake Tans in Hollywood

When it comes to fake tans, no place is more full of them than Hollywood. Whether celebrities think the bright lights wash them out or they're trying too hard to fit in in Lala-land, there is no doubt that the fake tan is a favorite accessory of those who walk the red carpet.

Of course, we all know that tanning ages the skin and causes skin cancer. It also takes time to get that perfect golden glow from spending time out in the sun. Because of this, many celebs go fake. And whether that means spray tanning the skin or lying in a tanning bed, many celebs are faking and baking all the way to the awards shows. Obviously, picking on those bronze freaks on the Jersey Shore would be easy, but they aren't the only ones guilty of this fashion flub.

Here are five of the worst celebrity fake tans:


Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi: Everybody's favorite guidette is clearly the worst offender in this area. She is so tan at times, it looks like she fell in a vat of bronzer. It's like she raised the bar on tans. There is tan and then there is Snooki ...

Lindsay Lohan: There is a reason redheads with freckles are usually pale. It just looks better. Every time LiLo steps out with a tan, she looks a lot more like a giant carrot with big boobs. She would be better off skipping the tan and just rocking her body. It's much hotter without the bronzer.

Victoria "Posh" Beckham: I can't decide whether I'm more offended by the bones sticking out of her chest or the odd level of orange she has achieved here. Maybe it's the spiky hair? Actually, the whole thing just has to go.

Christina Aguilera: This is an old photo, but she is a frequent offender. If only there were a way to tell celebrities that there is a fine line between sexy and healthy and just plain fried. She has crossed the line. By about 30 feet.

Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola: Yes, picking on the Jersey Shore cast is a little too simple, but I couldn't avoid pointing out that, although Snooki gets all the flak, the tannest roommate is actually Sammi. She looks like she does a double dose of fake and bake and then self-tanner on top of that.

Someone needs to tell these stars that tanning isn't really in anymore. Time to let it go, people. Let your pale skin fly!

Which tan do you think is the worst?


Images via Splash and Getty

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