Lady Gaga New Song Is Giving Me Deja Vu (VIDEO)

lady gaga born this wayThe new song from Lady Gaga dropped today. No, it didn't fall from the kitchen counter or into a bucket, drop is the "new" way to say it's now out in the world, you can buy it, it's in stores. But, since we don't buy music in stores anymore, we can't really say that. So, anyway, "Born This Way" dropped, and I've been listening to it all morning.

I love all things Gaga. I love "Just Dance." I played her "Christmas Tree" song a few times a day last December.

But I have to say, as much as "Born This Way" is great and I dig the message behind the song (equality and all that no matter who you are), well, it sounds awfully familiar.


What does it sound like? Well, it doesn't take a musical genius to connect the dots between Gaga's new smash to the reigning queen of pop hits from back in 1989. Yup, Madonna's "Express Yourself."

This eerie similarity got me thinking of some techno, dance, shake your boo-tay hits from the '80s. Take "Let the Music Play" by Shannon back in 1983. Same kind of groove as "Born This Way." Or how about Sheila E's "The Glamorous Life" in 1984? Sure, they may sound a little old school, but they are definitely the "older sisters" of Gaga's new tune.

If you listen to it as many times as I have this morning, you begin to hear how Lady Gaga's voice sounds a bit like the gals from TLC in their 1995 hit "Waterfalls" -- the "doesn't matter who you are" -- just think of it sped up a bit, with a dancier, techno beat underneath.

No matter if she sounded like a cow mooing in some field, "Born This Way" would be a hit. Thankfully, it doesn't. I know we're all getting ready for the onslaught of made-just-for-YouTube videos of everyone from an 18-month-old to some 83-year-old jammin' out to it.

I'll let you know when mine's up.

Do you like Lady Gaga's new song?


Image via Lady Gaga

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