Lindsay Lohan: Slutty White Dress Proves We're a Bunch of Hypocrites

Lindsay Lohan and her surprisingly large boobs showed up for her Wednesday arraignment in black Chanel sunglasses and Louboutin heels, before being escorted into court by 21 LAPD officers.

(Twenty-one cops. California: your tax dollars, hard at work.)

Lohan's crime (something about a necklace?) was immediately forgotten in the flurry of excitement over her outfit, a body-hugging Kimberly Ovitz dress. While most agreed, however reluctantly, that Lohan looked porntacularly slamming in the skintight dress (seriously, it's eerie: with all her problems, shouldn't she be looking less ... well-preserved at this point? When exactly does she have time to do crunches, between shots?), the outfit was widely criticized as inappropriate for a court appearance.


Us Weekly and People both polled their readers on whether or not the fashion choice was inappropriate, blogs took her to task, and Howard Stern snarked, "Was Lindsay Lohan wearing panties under her Sharon Stone Basic Instinct dress at Wednesday's court appearance?"

Lohan herself took to Twitter to whine about all the attention her designed-specifically-for-attention dress was getting:

what i wear to court shouldnt be front page news. it's just absurd.

It turns out that once again controversy drives profits, because the "Glavis" design from Ovitz' pre-fall collection is sold out at every online boutique that carries Ovitz's designs. Lindsay's white court dress retails for $575, but only if you can find a retailer that still has it available.

So, at the exact same time Lindsay was getting railed for appearing before a judge dressed like a hooker, people were frantically hitting the Buy button. Presumably they're planning to wear their brand-new Ovitz frock somewhere other than court, but you just know someone's thinking, This would make the best wedding dress ever.

Oh, Lindsay Lohan. Why is it YOU that has to keep teaching us that there truly is no such thing as bad press?

Image via Splash News

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