'Jersey Shore' Recap: Suddenly Team Sammi Looks Good

The seventh episode of the third season of Jersey Shore had the first casualty of the season. Sammi's dramatic departure (set to music, natch) marked not only a departure from Seaside, but also a departure from the whole theme of the last two seasons.

Is the Sammi and Ronnie show really over? Only time will tell. But one thing is clear: it should be.

The roommates actually had to stage an intervention on this episode to stop Ronnie from physically harming Sammi. The two of them could be a public service announcement for the early signs of domestic abuse. Seriously Ronnie, breaking all of Sam's things? Her glasses? Dude, you need anger management, stat.


The show has been 90 percent edited to make Sammi look like the bad guy, and admittedly, she hasn't been a saint. But in tonight's episode, it was clear that Ronnie isn't exactly easy to be with either.

He threw all of Sam's stuff onto the porch, breaking most of it in the process. He came very close to physically harming her and called her names too horrible to utter, even on MTV. And that wasn't even the worst part.

Sammi -- in a misguided attempt to get over him -- went to the same bar as Ron and his "boys" on the very same night they had their blow-out and break-up. This is one of the classic super dumb girl moves. If she, Deena, and Snooki had gone to a different bar and she had worn that revealing dress and danced provocatively, it's likely that no one would have been the wiser and she would have still had a confidence boost.

Of course, it wasn't a confidence boost she was after, it seems. She was after revenge, which any shrink will tell you (hell, any hobo will tell you) is a really, really toxic, poor idea. Sure enough, it brought out the fury in Ronnie, who proceeded to go home and trash every single one of Sammi's belongings.

I've been open about not liking Sam, but I honestly felt terrible for her this episode. What Ronnie did was abusive. I know she punched him in the face last episode and the two of them together make toxic soup, but what he did on this episode made me firmly team Sammi. And yet she was the one packing her bags and leaving.

In the end, it was the right decision and I hope the two of them will stay broken up. If for no other reason than I don't want to watch them fight all of Season 4.

Whose team are you on?


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