Julie Zorrilla: Hot Voice, or Hot Body? (VIDEO)

I have to disagree with my fellow Stir writer Lindsay, because I actually liked Emily Anne Reed on American Idol last night (the part where she sang, anyway; I'll admit her speaking voice kind of made me want to punch her just a tiny bit)—but what I want to know is, what's the big deal about Julie Zorrilla?

I mean, I get that she's impossibly gorgeous, and she's got one of those amazing personal stories that makes you want her to succeed. She's a native of Colombia, and her family shared their touching story of fleeing for the U.S. during political turmoil. I loved her parents, I loved her glossy hair, I loved her drive and ambition.

Hell, I even liked her sparkly heels, although I didn't have to wrestle down a pants-tenting shoe-fetish boner the way the judges did.


However, I did not love her voice, and I was even less enamored by her scenery-chewing performance of "Summertime." I thought I'd reached maximum annoyance capacity during her annoying hair-flip during the "Your mama's good looking" line, but then there was Steven Tyler as she left: "Best voice we ever heard ever!"

Come ON. Really? Check out her audition video and tell me, best voice ever?

I say she's just all right, dawg. Good enough to make it through, but not worthy of the over the top simpering from the judges.

What do you think? If Julie Zorrilla was less hottie and more gorilla, would the judges have liked her just as much?

Image via YouTube

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