Beauty Queen Domonique Ramirez Plays the Fat Card

Domonique RamirezDomonique Ramirez was living the teen dream as a beauty queen. At 16 she was named Miss San Antonio and on her way to conquer Miss Texas and the world. But her plans were thwarted when she was stripped of her crown. She says it's because pageant organizers thought she was getting too fat and told her to "get off the tacos."

Oh no, not the fat card, let the outrage ensue. How dare anyone be judged because of their weight, even if it is part of being a pageant queen? You don't have to agree with the rules, but they're part of the pageant game, and if you play it, you have to abide by them. Pageants are about appearance, at least in part, and if the rules say you have to maintain your weight and size when you sign your contract, then maintain them you must. That may entail that you "get off the tacos." So even if she was fired for being fat, I don't see the problem, certainly not enough to warrant the lawsuit she's filed to keep her crown.


Pageant officials say the issue isn't even her weight, that it's a "moot point," and there are plenty of other reasons she lost her crown. They say she showed up late for events, had a bad attitude, and overall tarnished the role. 

There's also a bunch of she-said, she-said between the two parties as to whether Ramirez got a chaperone like she was promised to drive her around. She says no but pageant officials say she refused to use the chaperone and only wanted her mother to drive her.

As for the taco comments? Pageant spokesman Linda Woods acknowledged making them and told San Antonio radio station KTSA:

I said, you know, "Get off the tacos, get off the chips and soda." Because she's 17, and that's what these kids eat. We've given her chance after chance after chance, and she has not complied. There's just constant resistance.

However, she said her weight was "absolutely not" a factor when it came to taking her crown.

Ramirez claims to be a size 2, and the runner-up who would fill her shoes, Ashley Dixon, is a size 6, which gives further credence to the fact that it's not just her weight that made them take her crown. But points to Ramirez for thinking strategically here. Fat discrimination gets people mad, and in some cases, it should, but not here.

There may be a personality problem between Ramirez and the organizers, and I can't say if she should have lost her crown or not, but it certainly doesn't seem like her weight was the real problem here. She's sure to get attention and sympathy by claiming it is though.

A hearing is set for February 16. Stay tuned ... the future of the Texas crown is at stake.

Do you think it sounds like Domonique Ramirez has a good case for a lawsuit?

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