Single Sienna Miller: Who Should She Date Next?

sienna millerPoor Sienna Miller. She and Jude Law have called it quits (for the second time). I think she's better off -- he cheated with the nanny and fathered a kiddo with another lass right as they were getting back together. 

Who knows why they broke up, but she's back on the market, in the dating scene. She's young, she's beautiful. She's dated Orlando Bloom, P. Diddy, Daniel Craig.

Is she going after the wrong type? Before she hops on, I've got some ideas on who she should date next.


gerard butlerGerard Butler This hottie originally from Scotland has the action-guy swagger she's used to, but he's a bit older than her usual beaus. A little maturity may be a good thing for her.

adam brodyAdam Brody He played Seth on The OC. He is sexy because of his charm and, of course, his wit. What Sienna needs now is some laughs. Who knows, maybe laughter is the best medicine for a broken heart?

ryan reynoldsRyan Reynolds Named People's Sexiest Man of 2010, his fame is skyrocketing -- yet his personal life has been crashing and burning with news of his divorce from Scarlett Johansson. Maybe they can rebound together.

sam worthingtonSam Worthington Also newly single, this hunk from Avatar knows how to be in committed relationship (he was with his previous gal for almost three years). That's a plus in our book.

mark sanchezMark Sanchez With reports he's dating very young ladies, we think the Jets QB is still searching for the right woman to pass his heart to -- Sienna loves New York. Seems like touchdown material to me.

Who do you think Sienna should date next?

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