Josh Bowman Sloppy Seconds for Miley Cyrus: Who Had Him First?

Josh Bowman Amy Winehouse
Josh Bowman -- who had him before Miley?
magazine recently released photos of Miley Cyrus, 18, getting all cuddly with her So Undercover movie co-star Josh Bowman, 22, and the couple have been spotted together more and more. A Cyrus source says, "Miley is single. They're not dating. Just friends" -- however, I don't usually curl up in my "friend's" laps. Hmmm.

But guess which celebrity already had Josh Bowman? Miley's not the first celebrity diva to catch his eye.


Back in 2009, Josh Bowman was spotted corralling with singer and famed druggie Amy Winehouse in St. Lucia (that's Amy in the photo). They met while vacationing at the same resort and stayed for an extra week together.

During Josh and Amy's rendezvous, which also happened to be while Winehouse was on "a break" from her marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil, Winehouse told the News of the World:

I'm in love again, and I don't need drugs. Look at me; I'm glowing! ... for the time being I've just forgotten I'm even married ... I'm just here on my own, happy and having a good time with Josh. I'll deal with Blake when I get back. But our whole marriage was based on doing drugs.

Playing "house" with a struggling and married addict in the tropics? Ewww, Josh. What's up with that? This doesn't bode too well for Josh's taste in women or his penchant for good judgment, does it?

Bowman is a British former rugby player, who seems to have some smarts up in that head of his. After all, he spent a year studying the Strasberg Method in NYC before returning to the UK; however, it still remains to be seen if he can use that brain when it comes to love (or shall I say, lust?).

I know it's pretty impossible NOT to get someone's sloppy seconds in Hollywood. However, when the person who comes before you is a sketchy high-profile nutjob and your new dude chose her, well then, it makes being second all the more creepy and perverse, doesn't it?

Would you want to date someone who thought it was fun to date Amy Winehouse?


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