Halle Berry Shows Her Racist Side

halle berryHalle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have been at each other’s throats for what seems like an eternity. He’s supposedly acting like a racist pig, and the allegations that he loses it every time their daughter, Nahla, is referred to as "black" aren’t helping any. Halle seems to have had enough and is firing back with some racism of her own, insisting that Nahla be referred to as black -- and even invoking the one-drop theory.

The theory states that anyone who has even a single drop of African blood in them is black. It dates back to slavery days, when it was used to enslave as many people as possible, and to segregate the rest.

Why in the world does Halle feel the need to drag out such a negative historical reference?


It’s one thing for Halle to identify as black, but by invoking the one-drop rule, she’s essentially ruling out half of her heritage: the white half. Now she’s doing the same thing to Nahla. Of course, as her parent, Halle has the right to decide how to raise her child, but why is it so important to her to deny the white half of Nahla’s lineage?

We all know that both of them are part black. No one is disputing that -- except, of course, Aubry. What I don’t understand is the need to declare, via a racist "rule," that they are both all black.

In her vehement opposition to having Nahla referred to as white, Halle is doing exactly what Aubry is doing. She’s every bit as racist as he is if she continues to denigrate the white blood in Nahla’s veins. Dragging up such a hateful -- and hate-filled -- rule makes it even worse. Halle could have simply stated that she identifies herself as black, and her daughter as well.

A thoughtful commentary on why that’s important to her would hold much more weight than these spears she’s throwing. I can only hope she’s throwing them to get at Aubry, and not because she actually believes in denying an entire half of her daughter’s life. 

What do you think about Halle Berry invoking the one-drop rule?


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