Tabitha Taylor & 5 Other Sexy Body Doubles

If Tabitha Taylor isn't quite as well known as Joan Rivers, she's certainly well-received these days. Thanks to one 30-second Go Daddy commercial that aired during the Super Bowl, everyone's been wondering whose smoking-hot body replaced Joan's in the ad.

While Tabitha has played herself in an assortment of small films, she's also been a commercial hand double for Cameron Diaz and Eva Mendes. (Kind of makes you want to see what their actual hands look like, doesn't it?) She's also been a stand-in for Pamela Anderson, although reports don't mention what body part stood in.

I'm guessing the boobs.

While Taylor is currently enjoying a lot of attention from the commercial, she's not the only well-maintained bod in the biz. Check out this list of Hollywood body doubles:


Shelley Michelle. Perhaps the most famous celebrity body double in the world, Shelley Michelle has replaced many of your favorite actresses when their own body parts just weren't quite pretty enough. Shelley has doubled for Julia Roberts (in, ironically, Pretty Woman), Kim Basinger, Madonna, Anne Archer, and many more.

Darlene Ava Williams. Darlene is a hot blonde stuntwoman who's subbed for actresses like Lindsay Lohan and Evan Rachel Wood. Trivia: she was literally raised in a circus!

Alisa Hensley. Alisa has been a body double for Charlize Theron, Cameron Diaz, and Nicole Kidman, and was once named one of the 20 Most Fit Women of All-Time by Muscle & Fitness magazine.

Zoe Bell. Zoe is the famous New Zealand stuntwoman and actress who played herself in the Tarantino film Death Proof. She's also known for replacing Uma Thurman during Kill Bill and stunt doubling in Xena: Warrior Princess. (Also, if you ask me, she could totally face double for Kate Hudson.)

Pamela Moses. You wouldn't think anyone would need to body double for Megan Fox, would you? WRONG. Megan has clubbed thumbs, aka "toe thumbs," and a model named Pamela Moses was her hand double in the sexy Motorola ad that ran during last year's Super Bowl.

Remember, friends: no matter what Hollywood wants you to think,
nobody's perfect.

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