Tabitha Taylor Proves Plastic Surgery Isn't THAT Good

Tabitha Taylor Like it or not, the Go Daddy Super Bowl ad got attention -- mission accomplished as far as Super Bowl commercials go. It offended some, and made others (though not that many) laugh, but most of all, it made people stop and question, if only for a second: Could that really be Joan Rivers' body?

While plastic surgery can go terribly wrong, it  can also work wonders. So that being the real bod of Joan Rivers -- who we know has a little thing for the knife -- isn't that far of a stretch of the imagination. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing that we don't automatically dismiss the possibility of a 77-year-old woman looking like that, but many didn't.


Joan RiversSince we now know the truth, that the body actually belongs to Tabitha Taylor, I guess I can halt my plans of saving up for the Joan Rivers plan. And everyone wants to know just who is the woman behind this fascinating body? Here are five things we know about Tabitha Taylor -- the bod behind Joan Rivers' face:

1. She looks like she could be Joan Rivers' daughter. Check out the (many) pictures on her MySpace page, there is definitely a resemblance there, especially when she has dark hair -- like the prettier sister Melissa never had.

2. She's an actress. Taylor has appeared in movies like Dude, Where's My Car and Loaded; and in a slew of television shows like Southland, Nip/Tuck, and Beauty and the Geek.

3. She's more than just her boobs.  "I love big, big breasts, obviously," she says in one of her demo videos, but she also has quite lovely hands. She's worked as hand double for Eva Mendes and Cameron Diaz.

4. She's 5'6 and 115 pounds -- because I know you want to know. And she's not afraid to show ALL of it.

5. This isn't her first GoDaddy ad. She appeared in a GoDaddy ad during Super Bowl 2009 with Danica Patrick. Check it out here:

Did you think it was really Joan Rivers' body in the ad during the Super Bowl? Are you disappointed to find out it wasn't?

Image via YouTube

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