Melissa Leo, Bad Oscar Ads Don't Make for a Good Actress

Melissa Leo ads OscarIn my humble opinion, Melissa Leo should totally win the Best Supporting Actress Oscar award for her portrayal of Alice Ward in The Fighter. Because wow, she was so incredibly good! In so many of her scenes in the film, her character was larger than life and completely stole the film. I bought Alice's passion, personality, and dedication to her sons 100 percent.

The other reason she should win? Melissa Leo played an amazingly ballsy, gritty and confident Alice -- and yet everything she does in real life makes her seem incredibly insecure. This sheer ability to transform so intensely from real life to screen tells me everything I need to know about the caliber of her acting skills.


Melissa Leo needs to knock it off with the insecurity. She has nothing to be insecure about! At the Golden Globe awards, I almost changed the channel as she gave her neurotic, blathering, and self-conscious acceptance speech. But I cut her some slack. It was her first win after all. I love a neurotic as much as the next gal; however, there's a fine line between neurotic and embarrassingly insecure.

And her fretful apprehensiveness didn't seem to end at the Golden Globes either ...

Since the Golden Globes, Leo has also taken home a Critics Choice award and a SAG award. Despite the wins and being the front runner in her category, it seems she's all hopped up on Academy Awards anxiety, and now she has resorted to running some really bad Hollywood trade ads, paid for with her own money, to promote her Oscar nomination. To make matters worse, in the ads, she takes herself far too seriously -- decked out in an over-the-top long fur coat in one ad and a fancy sparkly gown in the other -- which makes the whole thing even more weird, desperate, and embarrassing.

The folks at asked Leo about the ads and she explained she couldn't get a magazine cover to save her life:

I took matters into my own hands. I knew what I was doing and told my representation how earnest I was about this idea. I had never heard of any actor taking out an ad as themselves and I wanted to give it a shot.

I did hear a lot of very positive comments, particularly from women of a certain age who happen to act for a living and happen to understand full well the great dilemma  and mystery of getting a cover of a magazine. I also heard there were negative comments, but no one said them to my face, sadly.

I can see her frustration about the lack of publicity opportunities for older actresses, of course, but I really think she has this win in the bag regardless. She just needs to breathe and trust in the fact that she killed this role. I can't wait until Leo finally realizes she deserves the wins because she's a good actress, not because she played dress up and paid out her ear to publicize herself.

What do you think of Melissa Leo's ads? Would they sway you to vote for her?


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