'Born This Way': Lady Gaga Tweets & 'Tricks' Us Again

Straight from Twitter, word from Lady Gaga herself is that her new single, "Born This Way" will be released on Friday, two days ahead of schedule.

For those of us who consider ourselves her "Little Monsters," aka devout fans, this is BIG news. Since wearing out our Fame Monster CDs and mp3s, and getting restless watching YouTube videos of Gaga performing her most recent tune "You & I," we've counted down the days to hearing new material. Glee covers don't cut it! We're the vampires of the music world, requiring and thriving on only the freshest blood from Lady Gaga.


As of Friday, our wait will be over. Even though Gaga would have us believe that she changed her mind at the last minute and is bumping up the release date because she "can't wait any longer," I don't believe that's the case. She's playing us all like marionettes on a string ... and I LOVE IT!

Her astute manipulation of her own promotion may make Lady Gaga the most brilliant pop star now or ever. That's right -- smarter than Britney, Madonna, Beyonce (no offense, Kanye) and Ke$ha/Rihanna/Katy Perry all rolled into one. Here's why ...

  • She has little to no need for a huge PR campaign, thanks to an entire culture of Twitter users who exist only to tweet and start Twitter trends about her and her upcoming album. She adores her Twitter following and knowing just how much they adore her, she works it. (Case in point: On January 27, she asked her followers to start trending #LeakItGaga, in exchange for her to share the "Born This Way" lyrics. Sure enough, within moments, #LeakItGaga was a top trend on Twitter.) 
  • Because 27,776,057 people "like" her on Facebook, nationwide advertising comes pretty cheap.
  • By making BFFs with one Perez Hilton, Gaga has the top celebrity blogger on her side, too. In fact, of the new single, he recently wrote:

Fans can expect all the hype to be true with 'Born This Way' and with the album...The music is undeniable. It sounds like a smash. It is a smash. It is one of the best songs of Gaga's career.

Like Obama did in the 2008 election, Gaga has harnessed and OWNED social media to make herself the number one pop culture brand in the country and possibly, the world. It's pretty awesome that tabloid drama and big, glossy, impersonal ad campaigns to sell records are quickly becoming a thing of the past, leaving in their stead, a more personal fan experience to drive hype. Now, she tweets, we listen. And listen we shall this Friday! 

Are you looking forward to Lady Gaga's new single?




Image via Lori Tingey/Flickr

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