Top Super Bowl Commercials You've Got to See

super bowl adI confess: I didn't watch the Super Bowl yesterday. Not the pregame, the halftime show, nothing. Which also means I missed my favorite part: the ads. Usually they're more entertaining than the game itself. Really, they're the only reason to "watch" the game anyway.

So if you hate football were too busy to watch the game this year, don't worry -- you didn't miss the ads. I decided that watching them late was better than never, so I rounded up the best of the best -- the funniest, most clever, and even a tearjerker. Now we'll all know what everyone's talking about when they mention Justin Bieber's cross-dressing.


One of the funniest -- and most clever -- ads of the night is Doritos' "The Best Part" ad. Doritos should have user-created ad contests more often. (Its Pug Attack video was no slouch either.)

Bridgestone proves once again that you can pretty much never go wrong with cute animals making human hand gestures.

Everyone is going crazy over the Volkswagon Darth Vader ad, but the Mini ad gets my vote simply for clever use of a double entendre.

Bridgestone's reply-all ad had me seriously ROFLing. Bridgestone's Carma ad may have been clever, but this one actually makes me want to buy those tires, if only in repayment for the entertainment derived from the ad. (And seriously, who hasn't replied all at some point?)

Chrysler wins my vote for Best Dramatic Ad Without Being Totally Cheesy. I love Detroit, I love Eminem and I love even more that Detroit is showing itself the respect it deserves.

Hands down, the best commercial of the night. I'm still laughing about the E*Trade baby. You know, the kind of laugh that sneaks out just at the mere thought of the ad? This one will never get old!


Which Super Bowl ads were your favorites?


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