National Anthem Flops: Christina Aguilera Isn't Alone

Christina Aguilera National AnthemWhether or not you realized Christina Aguilera messed up the words to the National Anthem while watching last night's Super Bowl game, you've surely heard about it by now. The singer, who skipped over the line "O'er the ramparts we watched," and replaced it with the words "What so proudly we hailed," made a teeeeensy mistake.

Embarrassing? Of course. You're only human, Christina. Although, not many humans get paid astronomical amounts to sing our country's national anthem. But don't worry lady, you're in great company! Tons of celebs have screwed up our country's favorite tune. From word swaps, remixes, and melodic mess ups -- I promise, many were much worse (and maybe, more embarrassing) than yours.


Jesse McCartney, you're lucky you're so absolutely adorable. After watching this star-spangled screw up at NASCAR's Sprint Cup race in 2009 -- I actually feel sorry for you.

Keri Hilson botched the words at a Atlanta Hawks vs. Los Angeles Lakers game in March 2010. After the mess up, the crowd immediately starts booing the Georgia-born singer. Hey, at least she looked cute.

When Hillary Clinton visited Iowa for the first time after announcing her candidacy for presidency in 2007, constituents got a little bit more than they expected. Who knew that the current Secretary of State was so tone deaf? OK, so maybe Hill didn't completely butcher the words -- but I'm sure she's learned a valuable lesson: You never know who's listening.

... all I have to say here is WHY? R. Kelly, "The National Anthem" is an American past-time that isn't meant to be remixed. The singer murders the song, encouraging the audience: "Everybody clap your hands!" And a dance break? In the middle? I just don't get it. 

Michael Bolton loses his train of thought during his performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner" before a 2005 Red Sox game, and the crowd doesn't seem too happy. However, the two-time Grammy Award winner redeemed himself with a killer ending.

Forget the horrific harmonica addition at the beginning of Steven Tyler's rendition of "The National Anthem" for the 2001 Indianapolis 500. The American Idol judge screeched through the song, questionably interpreted some of the words, and swapped "home of the brave," for "home of the Indianapolis 500." Sigh, come on man.

... See, don't you feel better now, Christina? For those of you who missed last night's anthem, take a look here:

So what do you think, is messing up the words to "The National Anthem" a big deal?

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