The Black Eyed Peas Halftime Show Was a Dissonant Disaster

black eyed peasThe Black Eyed Peas halftime show last night was an all around assault on the senses.

The constant yelling and barrage of flashing lights made me concerned for the well-being of our older citizens watching the game -- if the performance didn't kill them, I'm sure it made them wish they were dead. I know I personally considered drowning myself in the spinach dip when Fergie started "singing" "Sweet Child of Mine" with guest-star, Slash.

I love the Black Eyed Peas, but if it wasn't already a fact set in stone that they are a studio band that should never sing live, I think last night solidified it. Yeah yeah yeah, arenas are tough to perform in. I'm sure they are, if you can't sing.

Would it have been better if they lip-synced the whole performance?


Absolutely. I take back anything I've ever said criticizing a pop-star's lip-syncing. I get it now. It's necessary. When you sing above a track in a ginormous stadium for a television broadcast, by all means, pre-record.

It sounded like Fergie came in late on every song ... and for those brief moments I thought she wasn't going to sing at all, and I felt a warm sense of relief as I sipped my beer and ate my wings. But then she inevitabley kicked in, yelling and screaming and puffing her cheeks. Cat's out of the bag, Fergs, you can't sing.

It was the first performance by a pop group since Nipplegate 2004 with Justin and Janet, and hopefully we'll go back to rock next year. Bring back The Who, or bring in the pre-recorded tracks. And if a pop group does end up performing next year, let's hope the sound isn't engineered again by the local Junior High A.V. club. Getting the mix right is critical, or you end up with a bunch of thirty-somethings jumping up and down on stage, yelling out of tune, endangering our senior citizens.

Do you think the Black Eyed Peas should have lip-synced their performance?

Photo via Christopher Polk/Getty

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