Dana Carvey Reminds Us of When SNL Was Funny (VIDEO)

When Dana Carvey first joined Saturday Night Live, it was 1986 and Ronald Reagan was the President. When he left seven years later, he had revolutionized the show and defined a number of childhoods (including mine).

Now, 25 years later, Reagan would be turning 100 (today), Barack Obama is our President (with a few others in between) and those of us who loved Dana Carvey are as old as dirt. But one thing Carvey proved last night on SNL is this: funny never gets old.

Carvey hosted the show for the first time in 11 years last night and brought back some of the old favorites, including Garth (Mike Myers came on to do Wayne) for a "Wayne's World" sketch and "Church lady." Here are some highlights:




"Wayne's World" discussed the Oscars, among other things.

The opening monologue was a song about how 86-93 was the best cast of SNL and maybe it was just because I was eight and things were better then, but I would have to agree. Remember when it was funny? I mean, sure, we still laugh and share videos, but back then, it was must-see TV. Now there are just a few funny sketches here and there. Sorry current cast!

As "Church Lady," Carvey discussed Charlie Sheen's troubles, Skins, the Kardashians and many other things in the short sketch. She/he also met with Bieber. “I want a taste of that sweet Bieber" may become a classic line. 

I know we can't go back, but for 90 minutes last night, it was like I was 10 again -- allowed to stay up late, in the know, totally cool on the play ground quoting "isn't that special" with my other friends whose parents let them stay up past midnight on the weekends.

Thanks for the memories, Dana!

Did you watch last night?


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