Justin Bieber Booed at Knicks Game: I Actually Feel Sorry for Him (VIDEO)

I can't believe what I'm about to say, but I think I feel bad for Justin Bieber.

I just saw him on Letterman, fully expecting to eye-roll at his pipsqueak voice and weird guinea pig hairdo, and I found myself actually admiring the kid. Sure, he was, like, plagued with the, like, verbal tic that, like, a lot of teenagers, like, totally succumb to, but overall he seemed like a normal sort of dude. Considering he has eleventy trillion young fans who literally cry and pass out and spray urine all over the place whenever he makes an appearance, that seems like quite a feat.

Anyway, with my newfound grudging respect for Young Master Biebs, I felt sorry for him when I saw this video:



That's Justin Bieber watching the New York Knicks play on Wednesday night, and the booing of the crowd at Madison Square Garden after his face appeared on the overhead scoreboard.

I mean, seriously. The crowd BOOED him, not for any particular thing he's done lately, but just for being Justin Bieber.

It kind of looks like he was hurt by the reaction, and how could anyone not be? Although perhaps his feelings were soothed by the nearby girl who was apparently experiencing some kind of emotional breakdown just from his proximity. 

I've done my share of poking fun at the Bieber Fever, but I don't think I'd ever be such a dick as to boo a kid just for showing up at a game. That's way harsh, Tai.

Do you think this was mean-spirited of the Knicks crowd? Or does Bieber deserve some backlash to balance out all the fawning attention?

Image via YouTube

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