Holly Madison Should Stay Away From Hugh Hefner's Wedding

When Hugh Hefner announced his engagement to Crystal Harris, it only took nanoseconds for the media to react with a resounding, "What about Holly Madison?!" Now it seems like, until the Playboy founder and his 24-year-old bride walk down the aisle, everyone will be asking former girlfriend of six years, Holly, what she thinks. But we won't count on her being available for questions at the wedding itself.

Recently interviewed by Rob Suter on his HDNet show, Holly said she won't plan on witnessing their (likely summertime) nuptials, even if she's invited. She elaborated ...

I feel like the attention should be on them. It shouldn't be about ex-girlfriends showing up and what are their reactions and stuff like that. I think it should be about them.


Sounds like a class act to me! Some reality stars would go wild for the opportunity to play the media for all it's worth, to be on the cover of US Weekly with a whiny tell-all. Holly just seems to be kinda riding this one out by sticking to diplomatic answers to the many questions that are shot at her.

Okay, sure, there are also the commercials for her show Holly's World. Have you seen them? Every episode preview is like, "OMG. Hef is getting married! This is what Holly had to say about that this week!" But I'm sure that's just the result of E! being thrilled to play the situation to their advantage for ratings. Holly herself, on the other hand, seems to be acting very down-to-earth about it all.

Come on ... if your ex-boyfriend had been uber-famous for the better half of a century for BEING a womanizer, would you be surprised that he'd pull this? Nah. Besides, Holly has to realize by now that she's better off without him. I'm sure he's great and all, but eww -- doesn't she want someone she can have a healthy physical and emotional relationship with? Someone she can perhaps have kids with? Etc., etc.

Regardless, if I were in Holly's shoes, I wouldn't go to the wedding either. Not only because I wouldn't want to steal the spotlight from something "sacred" (blech), but because attending would only be acknowledging that it's actually something to be taken seriously. And no offense to Hef, but marrying a hottie 24-year-old while you're on your way out the door ... well, it seems like it's just the Playboy's last big joke on us.

What do you think about Holly opting out of Hef's wedding?


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