'Jersey Shore' Recap: Is Pauly D a Closeted Nice Guy?

The fifth episode of Jersey Shore Season 3 saw the end of Sam and Ronnie's relationship (for now) and also a whole lot of nookie.

The guys almost always get laid at some point on each show, but this episode finally saw the ladies getting some equal treatment. Deena and Snooki both got it on with different men (Snooki later dumped hers), all the girls went to a sex shop, and masturbation was discussed. Snooki even admitted to once masturbating all day. Seriously, all day.

But the focus of this episode (beyond the inane, nearly constant Sammi and Ronnie fights) was Pauly D. Or at least it was to me. I don't totally get the guy.


He is by far and away the best looking in the house, despite his hair. By the way, how many bottles of gel would one guess he uses a week? Does he go through a Costco-sized bucket of it? It makes no sense. But I digress.

Let's say for argument's sake that he is hot. He really kind of is. All the girls want to get with him. Both Deena and Snooki said as much on this episode. But no one did get with him. Aside from his little flirtation with JWoww in Season 1 and the girl he dated in Season 2, he has been somewhat chaste, especially when compared to Vinny and The Situation.

So, what's up with that?

Last night he even invited Danielle, the girl who "stalked" him, over to his house to make up with her. He kind of participated in mocking her, but he was generally nice and even saved the shirt she made him on Season 1.

I am on to him. I get the sense that he is actually a much nicer guy than The Situation or Vinny. I think he is looking for something more serious and only pretends to be a player to fit on the show.

From the rumors I hear, he is currently dating actress Chloe Sevigny. While it seemed surprising at first, it makes sense now. I think he is a closet nice guy.

What do you think of Pauly D?

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