Top Earning Women in Hollywood: Guess Who They Are!

Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart - a top earner in Hollywood?
Vanity Fair
magazine just released this year’s ranking of the top 40 Hollywood earners, and six of them are women. Shouldn't there be more women on this list of 40? Well, we think so, but we also know that dudes still make more money than us for doing the same jobs -- even in Hollywood.

So do you think you can guess which six actresses brought in the most dough in 2010? You may think Oscar awards or nominations might have something to do with it, but you'd be wrong. It has more to do with having a long running list of box office hits. The movies that make the most dough obviously line their actors' pockets best -- even when the movies aren't critically acclaimed.

So get your guesses ready -- here are the top six earning actresses in Hollywood ...


Top 6 Earning Women in Hollywood for 2010

#36 Reese Witherspoon: Everyone's favorite girl next door Reese Witherspoon is the sixth top earning leading lady on the list. Witherspoon made $12 million for This Means War and another $2 million for Water for Elephants. She also pulled in another half million for older film revenue. That's $14.5 million, folks. 

#33 Katherine Heigl: Actress Katherine Heigl seems unstoppable lately. In 2010, she made $15 million for producing and starring in One for the Money. Top that with another $1 million for older film revenue to bring her annual earnings to $16 million. Not too shabby for a Grey's Anatomy castoff ... 

#22 Sandra Bullock: Oh, Sandy, she may have had a rough year in the love department, but her pocketbook fared just fine. She made a whopping $20 million for her Oscar-winning role in The Blind Side, and that excludes $15 million earned in 2009. Wow! Throw in the extra $2 million for older film revenue, and Ms. Bullock raked in a fat $22 million. Sorry, Jesse James. You can't touch this. 

#21 Angelina Jolie; #18 Jennifer Aniston: Here's one game where Jennifer Aniston kicks Angelina Jolie's butt. Jennifer Aniston earned $24.5 million last year for her combined work in Just Go With It, Wanderlust, and Horrible Bosses, as well as older film revenue. Arch enemy Angelina Jolie came in just under that mark at $23.5 million, which she earned for her role in The Tourist, her voice work in Kung Fu Panda 2, and for writing and directing an untitled Bosnian-war drama, on top of older film revenue. Hmm, Angelina didn't have to work as much though, did she?

#13 Kristen Stewart: At just 20 years old, Ms. Stewart is the only woman in the top 17 Hollywood earners. You go, girl! Stewart made an estimated $12.5 million EACH on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (parts 1 and 2). Plus, she made $2.5 million for the screen adaptation of Jack Kerouac's On the Road and another piddly million for older film revenue. Cha ching! That's $28.5 million for essentially playing Bella Swan and kissing a cute vampire and werewolf all day long. Wow. Some dames have all the luck!

Are you surprised by the women on this list? If so, who did you expect to be on the list who isn't?


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