Is Halle Berry Headed for Anger Management Therapy?

Yeesh! It looks like the contemptuous custody battle between Halle Berry and her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry is only serving to reinforce just how awful that Best Actress curse really can be. Have you heard? It's getting nasty, people.

Gabriel supposedly has proof that Halle isn't the sweet, charming, gracious Oscar winner we all think she is. He has in his possession numerous e-mails, text messages, and voicemails documenting Halle's angry, jealous rages, a source close with the Canadian model told Radar Online. But apparently Gabriel isn't interested in sharing his baby mama's freakouts with the press. He just wants to keep them in his pocket, should he need them for back-up proof in family court.


The source described one of the voicemails: 

She left a crazy message on Gabe’s cell just after some pictures came out of him at a Lakers game with a girl last year. She is mega, mega p***ed in the message, calling him, and the girl, all kinds of names -- it’s certainly something Halle wouldn’t want heard. Gabriel played it to me at the time, and said: "See what I have to deal with?!"

I wonder if the chick Gabriel was out with was Kim Kardashian ... if that's the case, then the story goes that Halle was "p***ed" because she didn't want their daughter anywhere near the hordes of notorious reality TV cameras that surround Kim. And I, for one, wouldn't blame Halle for being concerned about that. Still, not sure if she really needed to go ragey-crazy whackadoodle on Gabriel about it. Calm, collected diplomacy usually works better, no?

Is it possible we've been duped all this time into thinking Halle's a class act, when in reality, she needs to go to Christian Bale Anger Management Rehab? Could this be her Mel Gibson Moment, in which we see her for what she really is? A crazy bitch?!

I'm not convinced. Because, you see, it's not clear whether or not Halle's the only one acting like a total psychopath. Word has it Gabriel may have sent similarly vulgar, offensive text messages to Halle -- some even including the "N" word. Oy vey!

Wowowow ... what are we to make of all of this??? It seems like a lot of mud is being slung back and forth between the two. I just hope that they can both simmer down and start acting like grown-ups. If they really care about their daughter -- and their public images -- that's the least they can do.


Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty

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