Jennifer Aniston and Perez Hilton Are Friends?!

jennifer anistonFirst things first, I am team Jennifer Aniston. When I get dressed in the morning, I think WWJD -- What Would Jen Do? Then I watch a re-run of Friends, the Break Up, have some coffee, watch another episode of Friends, then start my day.

Needless to say I was pretty shocked to hear that on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing tomorrow, Thursday, Jen talks about a chance encounter she had with mean-boy Perez Hilton in an L.A. parking garage.

I thought the tale was going to be about how she kicked him in the shins and punched him the nose and how he bleeds ice water. But no. Jen wouldn't have done something like that. She took a different approach.


Jen describes meeting Perez as "one of those moments you just never expect to happen." To be fair, it's happened a bunch of times in my mind, and I'm there, protecting my Jen, but that's not important I guess.

Jen confronted Perez and apparently asked, flat out: "Why do you call me Maniston?"

Perez responded with all the excuses he's been telling himself, like how she's only a character, how it's just for entertainment, how she shouldn't take it seriously. Then invisible lightning struck the parking garage, an electric current surged through Perez's body, and he saw the light. He realized he had become a bully.

Since the meeting, Perez has been a friendlier version of himself and has focused on putting positive energy into the universe. That all sounds very "L.A." to me, but hey, if it ain't broke.

In a video responding (already?!) to Jen's appearance on Ellen tomorrow, Perez says he wants to entertain and inspire people. He also manages to make it sound like Jennifer Aniston is his biggest fan and they gab on the phone late into the night, but Perez's ego is a whole other story.

Do you think Jen and Perez should be friends?

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