Lindsay Lohan to Add Jewelry Thief to Her Rap Sheet?

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan is running out of bad girl behavior. She's been there done that through almost every addiction and outrageous activity, and now is having to go back and repeat her crimes. Fresh out of rehab, it's her klepto behavior that's resurfaced, and this time, it's big time. According to, she's suspected of stealing a one-of-a-kind necklace worth about $2,500 from a store in Venice, California.

LiLo denies it and said, "It's bulls**t ... I don't have any necklace." But, a search warrant was issued yesterday, and an unnamed "friend" turned it in to authorities. Apparently, they also have a video of Lohan wearing the necklace.

Oh Lindsay, seriously?


In 2007 she was charged with stealing clothes; in 2008 it was a mink coat she allegedly heisted. Now this.

She's also still facing possible criminal charges from the whole alleged assault on a Betty Ford Worker AND she's still on probation. Who decides to pocket a necklace with all that hanging over her head? Really, what is wrong with this girl? And to think she's worried about Charlie Sheen!

There was hope, some at least, that perhaps this rehab would work for Lindsay, that she would have finally gotten her bad girl ways out of the way and would grow up. E! is even planting seeds that she should be cast as Lois Lane and make a comeback. But who's going to hire her when she's exhibiting such out-of-control behavior? Kirsten Dunst was never this bad.

Lohan has already been to jail three times and in rehab for five different stints. There's not much left. Can anything save her when she clearly doesn't want saving? It's been said that she has a death wish, that she wants to die young like her hero, Marilyn Monroe. She's certainly acting like someone who doesn't have anything to live for.

What, if anything, do you think will save Lindsay Lohan at this point?

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