Prince William & Kate Middleton: Comic Book Superheroes?

prince william and kate middletonMove over, Superman. Step aside, Spidey. Prince William and Kate Middleton are coming to Gotham.

Well, maybe not Gotham, but as of March 30. As if living a real-life fairytale romance before the whole world isn't enough, the Royal Couple will have their courtship detailed in the graphic novel, Fame: The Royals.

Begs us to ask: Aside from their good looks and the keys to Buckingham Palace, what superpowers do they possess? What superheroes are they most like?


First up, Prince William. He's rich. He's charismatic. He can fly (he's a trained helicopter pilot with the Royal Air Force). Heck, he already was a hero, saving some stranded hikers back in November. He looks dashing in a tuxedo. Most similar to: Bruce Wayne aka Batman.

Now, Kate Middleton. First, she's a commoner turned superhero. She's beautiful. She's confident, even while modeling a bikini (that takes superpowers if you ask me). She has fantastic style, hitting the Best Dressed lists in Vanity Fair and People, to name a few. And the girl who will someday be queen can work those accessories. Most similar to: Wonder Woman (she has those bullet-proof bracelets, remember).

Will you buy the royal couple's comic book?


Image via Handout/Getty

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