'Vanity Fair' Hollywood Issue Cover Is Hot, but Random

Vanity Fair CoverA preview of Vanity Fair's 17th Annual Hollywood Issue cover has been released, and it's gorgeous -- smoky and dark with an old Hollywood vibe, and a cast of gorgeous actors and actresses assembled. Hot yes, but most random, no? It's almost as if they said, Hey Hollywood, anyone who can make this shoot, come on out. First to show up get on the cover.

The magazine calls them the "most exciting actors and actresses of the moment," but I'm not so sure that's true. Let's see, Oscar co-hosts Anne Hathaway (looking stunning) and James Franco make sense. But while Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal are always nice to look at, shouldn't some of the guys up for big Oscars like Colin Firth or Christian Bale get some space up there?


And while it's nice to give notice to up-and-comers, there are more than a few scattered about who are going to leave many scratching their heads. Olivia Wilde? Rashida Jones? Garrett Hedlund? Do you even know who he is (he was in Tron: Legacy to save you the Googling I had to do). Where is Annette Bening or Amy Adams?

The cover does promise "stunning portraits" of Bening, Jesse Eisenberg (who's also on the cover), Colin Firth, Natalie Portman, and "many more" inside, which is great, but it would have been nice to see them on the cover too.

It is refreshing, however, to see people over the age 12 on the cover this year with the inclusion of Robert Duvall, 80. In fact, as opposed to last year's cover, there isn't a teen to be seen -- Jennifer Lawrence of Winter’s Bone was the youngest at 20. Actually, that little tiger cub is likely younger, and another random thing about the cover.

Perhaps it was logistics. Getting that many A-listers in one place at one time isn't easy. Reportedly weather was a challenge as were the locales of some of the stars, so maybe it was the best they could do. But while it's pretty to look at it, it seems a bit like one of those artistic pieces that leave you wondering if you're just not getting it and missing some big message, when really there just may not be much to get.

What do you think of this year's Vanity Fair Hollywood issue cover?

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