Casting Henry Cavill as Superman Is Good for America

Henry CavillNews that actor Henry Cavill will play Superman in the upcoming Superman sequel is already raising eyebrows. How does a British star best known for playing a posh courtier in the period TV series The Tudors possibly be the right pick to play a kid raised in Kansas who is known for getting his hands dirty on mankind's behalf?

One look at pictures of the sexy Brit, however, and we're willing to look beyond his work as Charles Brandon, first duke of Suffolk, and consider him as Superman: Man of Steel. He's already got the first requirement down pat: a smolder to die for. So what else does Cavill bring to the table?


Cavill has unbeatable experience. He just wrapped up shooting Immortals, a film about the gods of Mount Olympus. He plays Theseus, the king of Athens who beats the Minotaur in battle. Not to mention he's been cast in the role before. Terminator Salvation director McG had picked Cavill for his interpretation of Clark Kent, but the film was never made.

Compare that to Christopher Reeve, the man who embodies Superman . . . and was a virtual unknown when he was first cast as the alien orphan in the '70s. At that point, Reeve was just a middling TV star known for playing Ben Harper on soap opera Love of Life. Cavill, who was author Stephenie Meyer's original pick to play Edward in Twilight -- we're not the only ones to find him sexy -- is a bona fide star by comparison.

The actor's own history has a few things that a Superman story is made of: the man of steel's superpowers started cropping up when he was just a kid. Ditto Cavill's acting skills. In an interview about The Tudors several years ago, he described falling in love with the stage at 12 years old when he was in prep school:

When you step out from the wings into the lights, there's this incredible rush of adrenaline and fear and anticipation... it's just something else, it really is.

Frankly, America, we're lucky we grabbed him. After watching him in a Dunhill cologne commercial with Union Jack fluttering behind him, it seems Cavill's being groomed to be the Brits' superhero:

If it weren't for Superman, he might have ended up as 007. Much better to have those cheekbones working for our side of the pond, don't you think? Are you happy with Hollywood's pick?


Image via Splash News

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