Charlie Sheen Checks Into Rehab, Lindsay Lohan Can Sleep Easy

Charlie SheenAfter all his outrageous and dangerous antics that seem to have amplified as of late, Charlie Sheen has finally gone to rehab. According to People, he voluntarily checked himself into an unidentified treatment facility yesterday after being rushed to the hospital on Thursday for "severe abdominal pains."

And while it's great news, why now? Did the hospital visit (that may have been for a hernia due to laughing too hard at a television show) scare him into realizing what he's doing to his body?. Is he starting to run low on cash for prostitutes and drugs? Or did the network finally force him to? While hopefully he'll get the help he needs, I can't help but wonder if he's really ready.

He certainly hasn't shown any signs of it as of late. A source told E! earlier this week that he doesn't seem to think he has a problem.


"He says things like, 'Men like me don't die,'" the source said. "Give him some free time and he's off and running."

So I hope it's for the right reasons -- the kind of reasons that make rehab work for the long term. Whatever they are, however, rehab will definitely be a better place for him than the one he has been in for far too long.

Two and a Half Men will go on hiatus while Sheen is in rehab, according to CBS execs.

"We are profoundly concerned for his health and well-being, and support his decision," they  said in the statement.

Randomly, the other person touting his decision is Lindsay Lohan who is "thrilled" he checked into rehab. According to TMZ, Lohan has been "worried" about him and the "obvious signs of addiction" he's shown. 

Uh, thanks Linds, I guess? I mean I know she's been there, done that, but now she's an expert on everyone else? As one commenter said on, "It's like Jack-the-Ripper being worried about the Boston Strangler."

Oh wait, remember Lilo's big goal for the future to open her own rehab center for other kids? She must be trying to establish some cred for that already by showing her powers of recognizing problem behavior and offering sympathy. Smart thinking.

In any case, I hope Sheen does well in rehab and gets the help he needs and that Lindsay Lohan can now sleep better knowing he's there.

Are you surprised to learn that Charlie Sheen entered rehab? Do you think it will work?

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