Amy Locane Bovenizer & Melrose Place Played Roles in Fatal Crash

Amy Locane BovenizerIt was starting to look like Amy Locane Bovenizer had made the jump from struggling actress to normal every day American. But now the drama has followed her from Melrose Place to New Jersey. Officials in Somerset County have charged the mom of two with second degree vehicular homicide for a crash last year that killed a 60-year-old woman.

Locane Bovenizer was allegedly driving drunk at the time of the accident, and she caused the crash that also put the late Helene Seeman's husband Fred in the hospital. According to police, she rear-ended a car in Princeton, took off, hit a few mailboxes, then hit the Seemans' car as Fred was pulling into the family driveway.


The loss of life is sad, and so is the downturn for an actress who seemed to have escaped Hollywood unscathed. As she told People back in 2007:

Returning home was one of the best things I ever did. It was what I needed. Little did I know that I would find the man of my dreams, have a baby, and a great life, all in my hometown!

But the wild Hollywood ways -- and a series of roles that were drug and alcohol dependent (whether she was using or not) -- apparently followed her. She got her "big break" on the original Melrose Place back in the early '90s, playing Sandy Harling, a struggling actress (ring any bells?) who takes a job to make ends meet. Of course the job was in the Melrose Place bar, Shooters, where she served up drinks daily.

Then came her starring turn in Bongwater, a Jack Black flick that the portly funnyman never seems to mention. Yes, the name implies the subject matter.

Moving on. After a bunch of nowhere roles, Locane flipped Hollywood the bird and returned home to New Jersey where she was born, marrying Mark Bovenizer, a liquor store owner and wine specialist. Yes, a wine specialist. According to police, it was several glasses of wine in her system that caused the crash with the Seeman's.

Locane Bovenizer's lawyers are challenging this of course, but it looks like drama is chasing down this actress. Here's hoping she can end the cycle and get help.

Can you think of any stars who have made the jump back into normal life successfully?


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