Jesse James Going to Israel, Is This A Publicity Stunt?

jesse jamesJesse James has been in the news a lot recently, but for all the wrong reasons. First the new Nazi photos, then the engagement to Kat Von D. (An engagement is generally good news, but for the guy who broke Sandra Bullock's heart? Not so much.)

Now Jesse is blogging about taking a trip to Israel. Say what now? Apparently he's going there to study under the world's greatest blacksmith, Uri Hoffi. The pair is going to restore a bike together for a special to air on the History Channel.

Is this trip a publicity stunt to clean up James' anti-Semitic reputation?


You bet it is.

I don't think this is any coincidence that James would decide to go to Israel. It seems a little too planned, a little too self-serving. Like when after a celebrity is caught with a sex tape, they photogs catch them doing pious things, like volunteering at soup kitchens and helping out at church bake sales. Oh, wait. No, they usually end up on reality shows. Bad example. But you get the point.

Another question: how the hell did Jesse James fool Sandra Bullock? This guy seems like such a low-life compared to her overall amazingness. I have a feeling that over time there's going to be more and more released on James that will either be incriminating or disgusting. Sandra is so much better off without this slug.

I guess we'll have to stay tuned to see what happens when James lands in Israel. Did I tell you what kind of motorcycle they're restoring? It's a rare 1937 Harley Davidson ... Knucklehead.

The name of the bike is Knucklehead.

You can't make this ish up.

Do you think James can save his reputation with a trip to Israel?

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