Bristol Palin: Sexual Responsibility Talk Canceled After Students Freak Out

Students at Washington University in St. Louis have foolishly banded together in order to cancel one of our nation's most distinguished public speakers, Bristol Palin.

The one-time teen mom who fathered a child with Levi "Playgirl" Johnston had been invited by the school's Student Health Advisory Committee to be the keynote speaker on a panel during the school's upcoming Sexual Responsibility Week, aka Sex Week. Palin was to take part in a discussion about sexual responsibility and abstinence, a topic she is clearly well-suited to promote.

Unfortunately, students disagreed with the school's decision to budget $20,000 for the panel and Palin's speaking fee, citing some ridiculous whiny complaint about a "mandatory activities fee charged to each undergrad." Apparently these no-doubt sex-crazed students are required to pay a percentage of their tuition towards this budget, and that gave them the right to feel as though they had some say in the matter.


As if Bristol Palin talking about abstinence isn't worth $20,000. What the hell is wrong with these kids? Palin was on Dancing With the Stars, for god's sake. What better credentials do they need? 

After mounting protests, petitions, and referendums against the speaker selection, the committee and Palin made a "mutual" decision to cancel her appearance. Palin has been replaced by some pediatrician who has received multiple honors in the field of community service and adolescent care—whatever, like that's a better choice or something.

I sure hope they crack down on these students and remind them that college shouldn't be a democracy. Next thing you know, they'll be voting out the upcoming Committee for Drug Abuse Prevention keynote speaker: Charlie Sheen.

Image via Splash News

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